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Intelligent Videogame Reviews
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This community is intended for the purpose of reviewing video games. However, like the above quote implies, the reviews in this community are rather different from other game review communities: it is encouraged that you review these games based on the ideas they hold or the experience they attempt to give the player rather than on having value as a "thing."
I'm a fan of the idea of games as an art form, but you could also make the argument that the game you are reviewing is NOT art (though as we all know, just because a game is "art" doesn't mean it's "good," and just because a game is NOT "art" doesn't mean it's "bad.") In short, try to bring out the ideas that are salient within the game instead of judging it on surface value (i.e, don't focus your main point on whether or not the game is worth buying, renting, etc.)

REVIEW TEMPLATE: This is the format in which games will be reviewed in this community:

(picture of game cover here. I don't have any specifics on size, but it MUST NOT exceed 300x300 pixels.)

Name of Game:
Year of Release:


I'm doing away with every previous sytem and am now going to say you don't have to give it a number or a summation at the end. So this effectively boils down the reviewing system to two rules:

a.) Write about a videogame.

b.) Make it good.

Other rules: (these are fairly obvious but I figured I'd list them anyways.)

1.) Please use decent spelling and grammar. I cannot emphasize this enough.

2.) Please check first to see if the game has already been reviewed before you submit one. I will allow you to review a game that has already been reviewed if it's on a different system (say, someone reviewed the PS2 version of a game and you want to review the Gamecube version) but ONLY if the differences betweem are major enough to warrant it.

3.) If your review is really long, please LJ-cut it. Simple.


1.) Please comment if you have something to add. I don't want this to just be a community people read, I want to see some actual participation as well. I greatly encourage discussion, even if you disagree with the review that was written. Speak your mind!

2.) I intend to keep this community smart. Again, feel free to disagree with a review, but I will not tolerate immature flaming or irreverant and stupid comments. Also, I may take down your review if it doesn't fit the theme of this community.

3.) Posting to plug your own community is okay as long as it's relevant (i.e., game related).

4.) Be nice, have fun.

I'm hoping we can all learn something from each other here. I look forward to seeing your participation in this community, and I hope you enjoy writing. This can be a learning experience for all of us.

Good luck, and keep writing.